Somehow you managed to find your way here, and you’re might be wondering what my little slice of the internet is all about. To put it as straight forward as I can – it’s about me. It is my place to express myself to the world. To share my thoughts, feelings, and passions. It is anything I want it to be, really. There is, however, one thing it will never be: censored. Life is too short.

So who am I? My name is Christi Marie. I’m an artist, photographer, and mother.┬áBorn and raised in Terre Haute, Indiana I always knew I was different. The daughter of a single gay father, I was constantly targeted and suffered multiple incidents of trauma. Later diagnosed with severe PTSD with related anxiety and depression I learned to cope with my symptoms via a variety of creative outlets including, but not limited to, photography.

revampedthisismeI moved to the Indianapolis area after the death of my father in 2001, married, divorced, and had three children – two of which are special needs. I am a woman with strong opinions and beliefs, but I feel most of those are better kept within myself. There is enough chaos in the world without the distraction of differing opinions getting in the way. I do not, however, tolerate in any way, shape, or form, open discrimination of anyone. Period. With that said, some people often wonder about my feelings on the following topics:

I believe in ALL paths to God.

I vote based on the issues, not party lines.

I am Pro-Choice. No, I am not Pro-Abortion. I do ,however, believe in the right to govern your own body and will fight for your right to do so.

I am LGBT friendly, and no that is never going to change.

I am a proud Autism and ADHD mom.

I hope that one day our society can peacefully COEXIST

In 2017 I relocated to Greenwood, Indiana with two of my children, three cats and two rats where I can enjoy quiet evenings and a great school district for my children.

Steven Colbert once said “In case you don’t know a blogger is a person with a laptop, an ax to grind … and their virginity.” I wish I would have gotten the memo in my teenage years, and three kids ago!