I love photography and I dream of travelling the world.

I believe in ALL paths to God. I vote based on the issues, not party lines.

Iam Pro-Choice. No, I am not Pro-Abortion. I do,however, believe in the right to govern your own body and will fight for your right to do so.

I am LGBT friendly, and no that is never going to change. I’m the proud daughter of a LGBT veteran – may he rest in peace. I am a proud Autism and ADHD mom.
I think opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one, some stink more than others, but that doesn’t mean you have to sling shit everywhere.

I hope that one day our society can peacefully COEXIST.

Somehow you managed to find your way here, and you’re might be wondering what my little slice of the internet is all about. To put it as straight forward as I can – it’s about me. It is my place to express myself to the world. To share my thoughts, feelings, and passions. It is anything I want it to be, really. There is, however, one thing it will never be: censored. Life is too short.

Steven Colbert once said “In case you don’t know a blogger is a person with a laptop, an ax to grind … and their virginity.” I wish I would have gotten the memo in my teenage years, and three kids ago!