“Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!” – Albert Einstein


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This was the photo shoot that started it all.

It was the end of December, and the weather – despite being in Indiana – was tolerable, and my friend really wanted some family photos taken as she readied herself to do what no mother wants to do – send her son off to residential care. My heart ached for her. I have an autistic son myself, and often worry if that is the path my own son need in his future.

It had been years since I had done any kind of photo-shoot. I used to love it, but I had problems dealing with the strict schedule the studio required. I valued personal attention, and quite honestly…how can you give any kind of personal attention to a family if you are booking every 15 minutes? I ventured out on my own for a while before my eldest son decided he was going to play with Mommy’s camera and it somehow ended up in the bottom of a toilet (Yes, he is still surviving!). And that was the end…

But that was until December 2016. I had for once in my life decided that I was going to do something for myself. I was going to go big or go home. I had no desire at the time to do photo shoots or become a photographer again – though I’m not sure anyone ever stops being a photographer…its in the blood. I purchased my camera and squealed with delight as I unpacked it from its beautiful Canon box. I gently kissed it, and started taking pictures of my children.

And then my friend started something that I never thought was going to happen. Desire. I want to photograph people. I find solace in it. I am socially awkward and I suffer from PTSD, but when I’m behind a camera I’m in love.

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