A beginners guide to mobile home community living…

The decision to buy any home is a large step as an adult. It can be filled with joy, fear, and desperation…never knowing if you are making the right decision. First, and foremost, let me tell you that you are indeed making the right decision if you are buying a home. Period. Why pay someone else’s mortgage when you could be paying your own and it will eventually be yours. Now, with that said…everyone’s version of “home” is something different. Ours came in the form of a 2015 Clayton mobile home called “The Money”. It’s a three bedroom, two bathroom home with dining room, laundry room, and kitchen island. For the most part we are happy here. One thing we couldn’t afford, though, is to buy our own land to have it installed on. This is a problem with a lot of people who purchase mobile homes. Enter the mobile home community.

For a set price per month you can set up your brand new mobile home on a “lot” in a mobile home community. Sometimes these communities have perks such as playgrounds, picnic tables, pool. It all varies from location to location and even state to state. I’ve read some mobile home communities charge “lot rent” in upwards of $1000’s of dollars – but they usually have a LOT of ammenities. The particular community that we live in charges $370 for our “lot”. My entire mortgage and lot rent comes out to $964/month and I will have it paid for free and clear before either of my youngest children turn 18. This is the main motivator for purchasing a mobile home. With my son’s disabilities being deemed “untreatable” with modern medications I needed to make sure he would always have a place to call home – no matter the circumstances.

When living in a mobile home community whatever you do…DO NOT GET ATTACHED TO YOUR NEIGHBORS. I cannot stress this enough. It simply isn’t worth your time. You may long for that Joan Cleaver lifestyle where you invite the neighbors over for a drink, card game, or swimming…you may like the idea of having adult conversations and kids that often play together. Just don’t do it. Why? Because living in a mobile home community is a lot like living in a poorly directed reality show mixed with high schoolers.

There will always be that neighbor who knows everyone’s business, and won’t hesitate to dish out info on people in the community. From very early on I was told which parents have had DCS called on them. I’ve been told there is a large lesbian and gay presence in the community (but I have yet to meet any gay men…which I’d LOVE – total fag hag!). I’ve been told which parents are in abusive relationships, who has husbands who are ready to walk out on them (and have before), who needs locked in a mental institution, and so much more! I also know a few wives who are sleeping with each other yet complain about their husbands. You will not meet your best friend in a mobile home community. And if you do, AWESOME…but the chances are slim.

If you are someone who has champagne taste on a beer budget living in a mobile home community is a good option, and in a lot of ways I wish I could change the dynamic of the one that I have moved into. Instead I find myself hating the majority of people even more. Even when you try to be a good person you get shit on for it. People will use you up and spit you out quicker than you can say “fuck you”. So don’t keep your hopes high when you move into a mobile home community, but don’t let anyone bring you down for living in one.

We have lived here since March 3, 2017…and honestly can’ wait until the neighbors move. Maybe then we will have a fresh start.


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