Autism – Autism Awareness

Download Free PDF Coloring Page Here

Oh, it feels like it has been forever since I have graced these pages. And indeed, it actually has. Almost a year. I’d love to say that I’ve embarked on lovely adventures and have plenty of photographs to share, but that isn’t what happened. What happened instead is…I got sick. I sold my camera, and I’ve been miserable since.
Don’t worry, though….another camera is on the way.
I have, however, put my “artistic talents” to use and started making coloring pages.
I used to spend days drawing and completing 11×14 and 14×17 colored pencil drawings, but sadly my pain levels just aren’t what they used to be. A friend suggested I make coloring book pages. I tried…and I did. I just opened an Etsy store, and I’m not too sure anything will become of it…but it was worth a try, eh?
This is the first coloring page I ever made. I decided if I was going to make coloring pages I wanted them to mean something. So far I’ve got about 30 pages of mixed support ribbon and autism pages (I only have 19 for sale on Etsy right now, though…it takes a while to upload them. And money.)

Maybe one day I’ll have an actual coloring book for adults printed.

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