Dear Mother Earth…

millennial-gaia-mother-earth-poster-oberon-zell-500x550Dear Mother Earth,

I know that my generation and those before me have not been kind to you. We have polluted your lands, water, and air. We have cared nothing for your feelings and well being. Even now, as I sit here, there are people denying climate change despite it being almost 70° with storms and flooding yesterday yet barely 40° and snow flurries today. We, as a whole, are not a bright species. I mean, come on…our youth is busy eating tide pods and snorting condoms instead of using them.

But there is hope. There are still people out there that love and cherish you. I literally worship the ground I walk on. Please don’t give up on us…but we could really use a break from the extreme weather changes. At least I could.


With all my love,
Christi Marie

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