Weight loss through a lens….

It feels like only yesterday that I was 400+lbs. I was wearing a women’s plus size 32/34, had moderate pitting edema, and in general just wasn’t healthy. I have struggled with weight my entire life, but I knew that if I didn’t do anything I wouldn’t live long enough to see grandchildren. My family already has a history of young deaths. Only one person in our family – at current moment – has survived past the age of 64 (at least on my dad’s side). I was scared.

Now, many people will think that I was just a classic case of morbid obesity where I was disabled, used it to be lazy, and packed on the pounds sitting on my backside while eating bon bons. This wasn’t the case. Despite my weight, and my disabilities, I do attempt to be as active as I possibly can, and I never really ate huge quantities of food – except for holidays, but that’s pretty much almost everyone I know. So, I consulted with a weight loss surgeon.

My insurance required a six month monitoring and nutritional guidance. In that six months I had managed to get down to 374lbs simply by cutting down portions even further and adding protein shakes to my diet. The surgery changed my life. I ended up having the gastric sleeve. Basically instead of re-routing all of my insides they remove the majority of the stomach until you are left with a small pouch. Healing from the surgery was difficult, and I had some complications. I was miserable, but I knew I had made a decision that would give me the best chance at life. That was November 30th, 2016.

Where am I at now after over a year? I am averaging 273lbs, the pitting edema is gone, and I’m down to a 22/24 in women’s plus. Now I have heard stories of people who have lost much more than I have, but quite honestly…if I was to never lose another pound I would still be content. Look at how much weight I have already lost. I look healthier. I feel healthier. I’m able to go hiking without my legs swelling up like a Macy’s day parade balloon.

Sadly, my weight hid a lot of underlying health issues and I am now dealing with that sad reality and the medical ramifications of all that weight I carried around for so long further adding to my disabilities, but that’s okay.

One unexpected experience with the weight loss, however is how much your face can change. You expect some changes, but not at the tune of three pairs of eyeglasses in a little over a year. Now, I can still wear my old eye glasses, but they are long past being comfortably worn without further adjustments that hurt my ears. The pair I wore the day I had my surgery literally fall off my face.

As I received my new glasses yesterday I looked at my old pairs and it really shows how far I have actually come.


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