Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness. – Richard Carlson

I had a DCS visit, again. Same reporter. Similar alligations. All bullshit.

Let’s rewind a bit. I live in a mobile home community and I am purchasing my home. Its a beautiful 2015 Clayton home with over 1300sq ft, a 10yr mortgage, and sits on a lovely double and a half lot. I really like it here, but it hasn’t been without problems. Those problems being neighbors. First there was the Henry family – who have since been evicted – who are drug and alcohol abusers, thieves, and in general people that are not worth the air that they breathe since they absolutely cannot care for themselves let alone their children. Then there is the Collins family who have the most bratty, unsupervised, undisciplined rude children I think I have ever had the displeasure to meet. For instance, I had another neighbor and their children over this week and one of the Collins kids decided they were going to ask one of the neighbors kids to come play knowing they were inside my house. It was rude and inconsiderate. I don’t let my kids go outside to associate with many of the kids around here, so coming to my door asking for them to leave my kids just rubbed me the wrong way. Not to mention their constant walking through my yard as if they own it when I have asked them not to. They keep talking about moving away…and I really hope that happens. I’m not the only one who dislikes the entire family, so no one would cry if they up and relocated.

Last, but not least, there is a neighbor known only as “Star”. She’s the stereotypical version of what most people think when you refer to someone as “trailer trash”. She has a million different bikes in here yard. Trash everywhere, and in general just disgusting. She is the one who called DCS.


Well….a day or two before I paid my mortgage and lot rent I went to check my mail and her dog was out. Not only was it out, but it was out without a leash running around and attempted to bite me multiple times. Her son, of course, was chasing the dog, and I admit that I threatened to call animal control and have it put down if it bit me. Who wouldn’t? I don’t know if that dog has had any vaccinations at all. A bite would result in a trip to the ER just as a precaution and a police report to follow.

Anyway, my I went to the office on 4/5 to make a report and to pay my bills. She was notified of her grounds being in disarray and having a dog without a leash on 4/6. A call to DCS was made on 4/6. Retailatory? Pretty much.

So what did she tell DCS? Apparently I am a drug dealer. I sell my sons Vyvanse allegedly, and I do not provide him with anything in his room. Wtf?!?!

Now, I’ll admit…his room was empty when I painted it. But to see that you would have had to have not only walked into my yard, but would have had to make it 100% your mission to sneak peeks into my home. While I was – in my head – thinking this was entirely creepy, I was also PISSED OFF. I do not sell my son’s medication. Medical neglect is a serious accusation, and one that isn’t taken lightly.

I’m innocent of course. And I’ve proven that. I had no problem with DCS looking at his medication bottle and even asked him to count the pills. Jakobe’s room is a custom Star Wars room that he is incredibly proud of – complete with bed, recliner, dresser, tv, and area rug. Real empty, huh?

Needless to say while I am currently listed as an “accused perp”, I have no doubt that this case will be dismissed along with the unfound accusations she made last time. Last time she accused me of similar things, yet she hasn’t been in my home for quite some time.

I feel bullied. When others break the very clear rules outlined in our lot agreements and I report them, I should not be afraid of retaliation. I should not have to have DCS at my door every six months while others try and have my children taken away from me. I’m a damn good mother, which is more than I can say for her since her children kill and beat on animals, don’t go to school (claimed homeschooling) and live in filth (at least the last time I was in her home). I spend hours upon hours making sure that this home is clean and cared for. I carefully design every room for the person sleeping in it and haven’t even finished my own room because I’ve been too busy making sure theirs are perfect.

I’m waiting for the end result of my case, but I do know one thing. Anonymous reports should be banned. Just as in any criminal case – and child abuse is criminal – I should have the right and privilage to know my accuser and confront them should any report be substantiated. I know who reported, but still….

And this is one of the many reasons why people disappoint me.


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