Restless in Greenwood, Indiana…

I know there are certain topics that really shouldn’t be discussed, but I’m not sure where I said I really cared. I am mad at our government, and I absolutely hate #45, Trump…or whatever you want to call him, but I’ll never call him President.

We currently have over a million active duty military personnel in the United States. Over four hundred thousand are actively deployed, maybe more…maybe less. I’m not entirely up to date on the newest numbers.

You want a quick solution for immigration reform? Take 300,000 active duty troops and reassign them to deportation of all those who are here illegally or have overstayed their Visas without trying to renew. That’s 6,000 workers per state. If you really HAVE to deport people, despite this being a country FOUNDED on people who came here illegally, then this is a quicker solution to what is going down right now. The government has these files. They know these people. Allow access to legal representation to those wanting to come in legally, deport those who aren’t, and deny access to the United States by any foreigner who has a criminal record. We don’t need a wall. We need more air security and screening, as that’s how most illegals become illegals.

Furthermore, bring our men and women home. I don’t care where they are at. Afganistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, etc. We don’t belong there. These are not our countries. Do you want to know what I think we SHOULD be focusing on? OUR country! Walk along the streets of any majory city, and even smaller ones and you will see that we are in a homeless crisis. What do local governments do to combat the issue? Do they provide housing? Help? Not really. What they do is tear down homeless encampments and tell people they can’t sleep on park benches without giving any kind of alternative. Our people are struggling. Our people are starving. So many suffering. Where are their aid packages?

Don’t get me started on our infrastructure, ill spent monies, bloated defense budget, etc. I could go on and on.

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