Allow no one to define who you truly are…

31870423_572900286409041_5667592574118920192_nI will not be defined by my hair. I won’t be defined by societal norms. I, in general, will allow no one to define who I am. I may be a mother. I may be disabled. I may be a photographer. I may be everything and nothing at all.

When I first decided to shave my head it began when my hair began to thin. Its not that I don’t have a lot of hair, because I do…but its so incredibly thin. I am on a lot of medication for a variety of different health issues, and to my knowledge some of them have the side effect of thinning hair or hair loss. I’m okay with that. My health and wellness is way more important than a mop of hair on top of my head. What is hair, anyway? And why do so many women allow it do define them?

I don’t, and I won’t. I may not be the most beautiful woman in general, and maybe I’m even less so without my hair…but I’m liberated. I’m free. And think of all the money and time that I will save!

So this is me. Out in the open. Bare and ready for the world to see. Some will judge. Some will laugh…but at the end of the day I’m being true to myself and I’m perfectly okay with that.

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