13 Reasons Why…

As I sit here typing this, I remember the uproar of when 13 Reasons Why came out…how everyone thought it was glorifying suicide and whatnot. I also remember that there were those that thought that today’s kids have been coddled too much; that they don’t have thick enough skins. That suicide is more prominent among teens now. We live in a delusional society.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know the statistics on suicide rates among teenagers – or any demographic for that matter – over the past few decades, but I don’t necessarily believe that the statistics have changed too much but that the information is more readily available.

Think about it. I grew up in the 1980s. I knew life before and after the internet. Life was fucking hell growing up too, and yes…I wanted to die. But you didn’t hear about suicide rates back in the 1980s as much as you do now. We didn’t have instagram, facebook, twitter. We didn’t have knowledge at the click of a button. We didn’t have hundreds, thousands, millions of people invading our homes every day with what we choose to share online.

Do you honestly think that our lives – or children – have changed? No. We haven’t. We are still the same judgmental, hateful society that we always have been. The same kids I grew up with that threw me up against a locker and forced their bodies into mine to “see whether I was gay like my father” are the same ones raising their own children now most likely with the same bigots raising children in our current society.

You see…its a never ending cycle.

I don’t think shows like 13 Reasons Why glorify suicide, but they reach a broader topic about what goes on with children. Children of yesterday. Today. And tomorrow.

When does it stop?

When did we stop caring?

Truth is…there is a little bit of Hannah in us all.

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