Everything is restless until it comes home. – John Bate

I’m officially back from my little mini-vacation back home, and I’m already a little homesick. While I love the hustle and bustle of city living with its twenty-four hour Walmart’s and Meijer’s…I do find it hard to let go of the simplicity of life where there are still places where you can leave your door unlocked.

I can never move back, though. I learned that quickly and easily by attending one of my cousins psychiatric appointments with her. The same mental health system that failed me for almost twenty years is still inadequate. I asked, just in passing, about treatment of anxiety with medication…and they don’t. Simply don’t. Can you imagine having PTSD like me or some other related anxiety disorder and finally getting help only to be told that they don’t treat a medically known condition that benefits from medication with actual medication? Yeah, I’ll stay here in Greenwood where I have access to some of the best mental healthcare that I have ever found.

I feel sorry for people who live down there that suffer like I do. I couldn’t function without my medication. Its not that I’m addicted, because I”m not. Its because I literally need it to function. So often it seems that they are worried about the addiction aspect of it that they ignore or neglect treating a symptom that could be somewhat managed. Its sad. I’ve gotten into a routine of taking my medication as soon as I open my eyes. The panic of the night terrors does that to me. If I didn’t have the medication to lean on in my times of need I could easily see how I would look for alternatives elsewhere.


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