PSA: Getting Your Child’s Photo Taken

Dear Parents,

Chances are at some point you are going to want your child’s photograph professionally taken. Even in the modern day of cellphone cameras, nothing beats the quality of a photo taken with a good ole DSLR. You’re probably thinking to yourself “My child will do great!”  or “I take their picture all the time this should be fun!”, and it is always great to go into a session thinking positive. However, please be mindful that not every session is going to be pristine.

Yes, everyone wants those gorgeous photo for the wall, a card, a birthday announcement, or just to showcase how much a child has grown. Sessions can often be entertaining experiences for all involved, but they can also be stress inducing ones. Please keep in mind that your photographer is dealing with a child, not an adult, and that doing so has its own unique set of circumstances. Fact is, not every child is going to cooperate for every session, every time. That’s okay. Not every picture has to be of a child beaming brightly at the camera giving their best smile. Sometimes its best to photograph around the edges.

Whatever the reason your child may or may not be cooperating for your photographer always remember that it not only gets better with age, but do not, and I repeat do NOT, get irritated or frustrated no matter how hard it can be. We humans, at a very early age, learn to pick up on the emotions of others and as such a parents frustration can often times lead to even more of a struggle for the child. Just relax, breathe, and trust that your photographer will do their very best job trying to get you quality images for your session.


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