Wellness and illness are both puzzles — but wellness is whole and illness is scattered in pieces. – Terri Guillemets

No one likes to be sick, but its that time of year. School has started and children run rampant with their little petri dish bodies. Less than a month into the school year and my children brought home the Rhinovirus. Now, in most people the rhinovirus presents as a simple cold. After all, that’s basically what it is. However, there are a small group of people in the world that can get very, very sick from it. I am one of those people.

Last week my son Jakobe started having sniffling, sneezing, and coughing. When we took him to a regularly scheduled appointment he presented with tachycardia and was sent for an EKG and kept home as a precaution. Me, being the mother that I am, coddled him. What mother doesn’t want to love on their sick baby to make them feel better? Germs shmerms. My little wasn’t feeling good so I wanted to shower him with love.

Big. Fat. Mistake.

Two days later I was in the hospital unable to breathe and hooked up to oxygen. The Rhinovirus had given me bronchitis and then exaserbated my asthma. I was scared. I’ve never been hospitalized for asthma related reasons, and I’ve never really been on oxygen outside of childbirth. I sat in those cold hospital rooms for five days before I was finally released on Thursday. Granted, my case is special. I have pre-existing conditions (auto immune disorder and asthma) that makes me weaker than the average person, but if this is a view of what this winter is going to be I can only say this: stay safe.

We use Clorox wipes and wash our hands regularly in this house. We are not dirty people. Germs are out there and we must be vigilante about combating illnesses in our families.

Take care everyone and be careful.

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