thekidsandiHello. My name is Christi. I’m a 30 something year old. At the age of 13, I was formally diagnosed with depression later attributed to PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and I also suffer from a chronic form of the auto-immune disorder called Mucha Habermann disease.  Living in Indianapolis, IN, I have married, divorced, and currently have three children. My children are my heart and soul, as well as the main source of hope in this world.
I am known as a shy, dorky, opinionated, intelligent, caring, understanding, and strong woman who is prone to random acts of bitchiness and stupidity. I have no preconceived notion of fame, nor do I expect anyone to even like anything that comes out of this head of mine. I am here for nobody else but myself. I can be bold. I can be abrasive. I rarely apologize for anything I think, feel, or say. I’m of the simple minded view that if you don’t like me? Not my problem.

14354990_302592256773180_3709732772583427759_nMalachi was born in 2002. He is the epitome of what every mother hopes her daughter brings home. Tall, handsome, smart. He is into architecture, art, science, music, movies and robotics. He manages to succeed despite having ADHD, and refuses to be defined by his diagnosis.
Jakobe was born in 2010. He is often misunderstood and hard to understand. He suffers from moderate Autism, ADHD, language and speech impairment,  and disruptive behavior disorder. Despite his disabilities, he is a character – sweet, creative, sneaky, intelligent, feisty, and dorky. He enjoys anything electronic, gaming, movies, and some music.
Esmae, the baby, was born in 2013. She is the household princess and social butterfly. While she suffers from speech and language impairment, she is always there to give you a laugh or smile. She enjoys anything and everything pink, dolls, transformers (hello, two brothers), drawing, coloring, and trying to prove that she can handle her own.